GINIA ready to wear is designed for women who inspire and empower, who are comfortable in their own skin. Created in Australia, GINIA had the vision to create products that were aspirational yet accessible for the real woman.

GINIA’s DNA is cemented in timeless, contemporary shapes accentuating the female form. Empowering women, and infiltrating a sense of additional confidence, inspiring those who inspire us. We create a sense of uniqueness yet a culture of cohesion and community. An aspiration yet not unreachable collection to suit all tastes, shapes, sizes and climates. 

Our brand emcompasses many elements however our foundations, across Ready to Wear and Sleepwear remain consistent. Aspirational but not unreachable. Artistic but not kitsch. Simple but not simplistic. Feminine but not girly. Our present day offering remains true to our founding DNA, we deliver quality product, quality service and something for everyone, for every day.

Now available to buy online at Zampera fashion boutique.

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