About Us

Welcome to Zampera

Zampera brings together an array of brands by Australian and International designers to present an inspired collection of casual, work and evening wear. The line-up features fashion-forward pieces from Lounge The Label, POL, Once Was, Rosemunde, LTB Jeans , NU Denmark, Notes du Nord, B.Yu Italy, D.O.F, Estilo Emporio, Wooden Ships, Reiko and many more.

Zampera not only brings together a carefully selected range to offer a complete wardrobe, but also complements the variety on offer with perfectly tailored service. With expert knowledge of cut and fit, fabrics and colours, Zampera can assist anyone in expressing and developing their own personal style.

Maria Sutera is the owner and lead stylist at Zampera. With twenty four years of professional experience, Maria has developed expert knowledge of cut, fit, fabrics and colours, as well as the importance of earning client trust and being able to tailor services to suit individual needs.

Maria brings excitement and creativity to Zampera, as well as a genuine love of quality, functional and stylish clothing.

In addition to expert advice and assistance in selecting and coordinating pieces, Zampera also offers personal styling services, which involve private, one-on-one sessions for those seeking to make more informed fashion choices, update their wardrobe, or put together the perfect outfit for an occasion.

Styling Services

Visitors to Zampera can always expect a high level of service in selecting and coordinating pieces from the range in stock. However, Zampera also offers customised personal styling services for those seeking that extra help. Whether the goal is to make more informed fashion choices, to update a wardrobe, or put together an outfit for an occasion, Zampera’s private, one-on-one styling services represent excellent value towards looking great and feeling confident.

Personal styling services are available at the Zampera boutique by appointment only. This allows the stylist to be able to provide a one-on-one dedicated service without interruptions. Appointments may be outside normal business hours.

A typical starting session involves a discussion with the client of their needs, personal tastes and preferences. Based on this, as well as factors such as budget, body shape, and a colour analysis, the stylist will lead the client through suitable options from the Zampera range. The aim is to work with the client to not only achieve the desired look, but to educate about fashion choices along the way. There is absolutely no obligation for the client to purchase a single item.

As this is a highly customised service, potential clients are encouraged to enquire about an appointment, at which time a quote will be provided, based on an initial assessment.